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06 Mar STICK - Self-adhesive letters and applications for gravestones
Anamarija 0 253
Losing a loved one is never easy, and the process of choosing a headstone or memorial plaque can be quite difficult and largely depends on our financial status. Once the tombstone is in place, we don't have much choice about the inscriptions or acces..
21 May What does an angel represent on a tombstone?
Anamarija 0 754
Angels as such, symbolically represent the connection between heaven and earth, as well as power, peace, faith, protection and beauty. They can help families or individuals feel reassured after a loss, knowing that their loved ones are forever protec..
18 May ECO solar lanterns
Anamarija 0 586
This time we presents an innovative solution that can be a great decoration for any grave. ECO Solar Lanterns VestinaEco solar lanterns are an excellent Slovenian product. They are ecological and economical and thus a sustainable alternative to ordin..
08 May New payment options – Cryptocurrencies
Anamarija 0 518
We are pleased to inform you that we have upgraded our payment system. We now also enable payment with cryptocurrencies.Payment is possible with the following cryptocurrencies:- Bitcoin (BTC)- Ethereum (ETH)- Cronos (CRO)- USD Coin (USDC)- True USD (..
07 Feb LEGO Funeral: through play to understanding death of a loved one
Anamarija 0 737
Children are sometimes unable to grasp the very notion of death, so they may be slightly more affected by the process of losing a loved one, as death is a rather awkward topic even for an adult. However, their curious and non-judgmental minds, unaffe..
02 Feb World’s Most Beautiful Cemeteries [editors top 10]
Anamarija 0 808
As burial grounds for the dead, graveyards aren’t always associated with beauty. But these cemeteries transcend their role as simply sites of burial: they are also places to view historic architecture, make religious pilgrimages, pay homage to the de..
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