This time we presents an innovative solution that can be a great decoration for any grave.


ECO Solar Lanterns Vestina

Eco solar lanterns are an excellent Slovenian product. They are ecological and economical and thus a sustainable alternative to ordinary candles, and in addition to their quality, they are also a beautiful decoration in memory of loved ones. They are available with different motifs. You can choose between the motif heart, cross, red heart and even with a beautiful angel. They need sunlight to function. Because they are powered by sunlight, you can use them for months or even a year. They burn for up to 1000 days.


How It Works?

Like the name itself, it works with the help of sunlight. By using this "green" energy, they are powered by day and emit light at night. They have a battery that is charged during the day via solar cells, which is mounted on the cover of the solar lamp. The light automatically turns on and off when needed.


Does it also work in winter and in the shade?

For its long-lasting action, it needs direct sunlight, which is most received in the summer months, when the sun is in the sky for the longest time. So the more light they receive, the longer and brighter it will stay lit. Of course, they will also work in winter and in partial shade, but then they charge more slowly and burn for a shorter time.

Eco slolar lights need only 4 hours of sunlight per day for optimal operation throughout the year. They work in all weather conditions such as sun, rain or even snow.


When do they turn on and how long do they stay on?

The lights are equipped with a light detection sensor and turn on and off automatically.


Where and how do I install them?

Eco solar lights can be installed virtually anywhere if there is access to sunlight, as it does not require electricity or another source such as the sun to power it. Because you don’t need wires or extra power installation is extremely easy. Simply choose the most appropriate place on the monument and the lamp is ready to use. The lantern also allows screwing or gluing to the desired base.


Are solar lights good for the environment?

Yes, and for several reasons!

Solar lights use a renewable energy source such as sunlight. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are a long-term solution against paraffin candles and even reduce the light pollution in cemeteries.